viper servo
Manufacturing Drives and Motion controls in Canada since 1989
Viper 200 . 250 DC servo drive Manual.
Viper 200 / 250 Setup and basic Tuning video on Youtube
The Step2Linear Manual . This module allows you to connect Mach3 to a Analog servo amplifier and encoder as closed loop drive.
Step 2 Linear setup and basic tuning YouTube video
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Viper Servo is a Canadian manufacturer of motion controls and cnc routers. We manufacture DC servo drives that are perfect for step/direction cnc control software such as Mach 3 , Linux cnc, Flash cut, Starcam , USBCNC . Viper DC servo drives can also can be used with motion controllers such as Machmotion, Smooth Stepper, K cam, K flop and others.

The Step2Linear module allows you to use your AMC , Galil ,Copley, allen bradley or other analog servo amplifier to run from Mach3, Flash cut,USBCNC and other motion control s/w. Retrofit your Bridgeport, HURCO, Tree, Anilam, Fanuc, Milltronics or other cnc Knee mill or machining center .

The Step-Lok allows you to increase the reliability of any stepper motor system by making it run in Closed Loop . Add an encoder to the motor and run with any stepper motor drive such as Gecko drive, Lead shine or any microstep drive and never mess a job up again by stepper motor loosing steps or jamming. It will stop the cnc control software as soon as it exceeds its programmable error limit.

Larken automation manufactures all its products in Canada and has its raw PCB boards made in the USA. All products are assembled in Canada.